Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fixing N Figueroa St. Community Meeting

Josef Bray-Ali, co-owner of Flying Pigeon Bike Shop in Highland Park, unites community members in efforts to promote a grassroots movement towards finding common goals and strategies for making N. Figueroa St. a safer, more livable, bike friendly, quieter, and more prosperous street than it currently is. 

I decided to participate in this effort at the meeting.  I was able to find the opportunity to express the ideas that I would like to see happen with North Figueroa Street before the group, which includes:

The implementation of green striped right lanes with white sharrows.

(Much like Broadway in Long Beach has.)

This concept would eliminate any need to remove parking or driving lanes while it will still strengthen awareness of the presence of bicycles on the streets that other vehicles must share the road with. It is as a safe, and cost effective solution.  Also, I support the movement to extend CicLAvia's current route to branch up and down N. Fig.

More photos of the meeting can be viewed - Here

Flying Pigeon Bike Shop, 3714 N Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, 90065

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